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Leonardo Da Vinci Warsaw Academy of Computer Science Management and AdministrationESPA EST
Warsaw School of Computer Science, Management and Administration is Coordinator of the project realized within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci EU Programme "SMEs-oriented business Spanish course for Central Europe".
The project is addressed to SME entrepreneurs who wish to develop and expand business contacts through learning Spanish language.



Database includes elementary data of companies (SMEs) wishing to establish new business contacts through the ESPA EST Project. This minimal set of information contains: the name of the enterprise, its address, e-mail address, branch and the range of activity.

The users are considered to have an opportunity to present their offer of cooperation within the structure of the database.

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Website presents information about the partner countries participating in the ESPA-EST Project. It has got the form of multimedia Websites.

Information about other institutions engaged in the project could be introduced in this presentation.

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E-learning Spanish course constitutes the most important part of the project. All other parts of it are connected with the course.

It includes 5 modules divided into lessons which are elaborated with e-learning method and related to the following branches: construction, textile, tourism, retail sales and wholesale, food manufacturers, electrical, transport.

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It includes all project languages: Spanish-English-Czech-Hungarian-Polish and is a complementary part to online Spanish course and can serve also as independent dictionary.

The vast advantage of the ESPA-EST Dictionary is that it could be used either in business or everyday situations.

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